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2017/2018 Positions of Responsibility

We're delighted to share with you all the young people who will take our school forward this year.

We're very proud to bring you our 'Positions of Responsibility' for 2017/2018.

Congratulations and good luck!

The following pupils have been selected to achieve these awards:

Head Boy and Head Girl: Timothy Li, Phoebe Wright

Heads of Junior School: Finn McCartney, Charlotte Sittlington

Boarding Committee: Hollie Harlen, Ronan Jordan, Tabitha Sweeney, Ken Wu, Ji-Young Yoon, Adam Onas

Academic Scholars: Louise Leonetti, Elif Karauzum, Elliana Scott-Harrison, Anna Thomson, Anna Beattie, Thomas Lowry, Sophie Shiel, Phoebe Wright

Captains: Ji-Young Yoon, Jung-Hun Yoon, Ruby Yeung, Robert Burke, Emily Pearson, Elia Boutros, Cameron Alexander, Megan Ashcroft

Prefects: Ashleigh Riddell, Oisin McDevitt, Eoin McGinn, Sophie Shiel, Adam Irvine, Grace Martin

Head Boy Head Girl4

Written by E Thompson Posted on 28/09/2017



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