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Rockport School PTA is a very active organisation working within and for the school. We are made up of a team of dedicated teachers and parents who believe it is a privilege to support pupils, teachers and parents alike. We will endeavour to ensure that 2014-2015 is a year of successful fundraising and that the PTA team play a key role in creating a sense of togetherness and community spirit within the school. We are forever grateful to all the staff, family and friends at Rockport who continue to support our efforts within our community.

PTA Aims

Our aim as the Parent Teacher Association is to provide proactive support to pupils, teachers and parents through the organisation and delivery of social events and fundraising activities. Through these endeavours we will strive to foster a culture of togetherness where all within the Rockport community enjoy an atmosphere of warmth, friendliness, inclusion and belonging. 

  • Communicate - Ensure timely and appropriate communication with all relevant parties.
  • Involve - Encourage involvement in PTA initiatives from a wide cross-section of individuals within the Rockport community.
  • Culture - Through our actions help foster an environment defined by warmth, friendliness, togetherness, participation, fun and community.
  • Promote - Take steps to promote Rockport School across the wider community.
  • Support - Assist pupils, teachers and parents in achieving their objectives, initiating our own ideas and responding to requests for support.
  • Fundraise - Engage in a variety of fundraising.





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