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Rockport aims to provide a broad, challenging and stimulating range of academic subjects for study at all levels.


Prep (homework) is an integral part of a Rockport pupil’s learning. Each pupil in R5-6th Form has a prep timetable indicating which prep is to be done each evening. The amount of prep set varies according to year group. In R8 & R9 there will be two or three 30 minute preps and in R9 to R12 there will often be three 45 minute preps. For those in R11 and R12, there will also be coursework deadlines to meet. Sixth Form prep will often take the fomr of ongoing research projects.


Every pupil from R5 – R12 is issued with a Prep Diary at the start of each school year. This Prep Diary contains much useful information, as well as providing a mechanism to help pupils organise themselves. It is regularly checked by the pupil’s Form Teacher or Tutor. We encourage parents to work with their son or daughter to help them with their academic progress and pupils should use their Prep Diary to record their prep and to use it as a daily diary. Pupils from R10 to Sixth Form use the online diary 'Show my Homework', where teachers can post a range of resources which may be useful for the completion of the prep.




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