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Good Schools Guide review

We are delighted to feature in the Good Schools Guide. This publication gives an independent review of schools and is regarded as the 'go-to' guide for families researching and choosing schools.

We have highlighted some of our favourite quotes but please follow the link below to read the full report.

A charming, gentle small school on the shores of Belfast Lough which feels like one big family, where ‘there is top down happiness from the headmaster and staff to the children and everyone seems to be smiling

He lives and breathes the school, is approachable and welcoming and is just right for the school,’ said a father. ‘Kids warm to him as a person but also respect him as the headmaster, and no parent or child would hesitate to knock on his door’. He wears a gown for official events, can be spotted bicycling round the grounds, and The Belfast Telegraph likened him to Mr Chips, but he will put his shoulder to anything – ‘he can be super smart,' said a pupil, 'but will also round up the chickens when they escape

Pupils are taught to think about what they can do for others and offer a helping hand. ‘Never give up, rise to the challenge, do what you enjoy and treat everyone equally wherever they come from.' ‘They don’t tell kids what they can’t do but what they can,’ said a parent

We encourage you to read the full review here!



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